Please check here for all updates regarding Sonoma Horse Park protocols surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic


7600 Lakeville Hwy 

Petaluma, CA 94954 


Please note the following changes to be aware of when you arrive onsite for any of our upcoming shows:

  • There are NO SPECTATORS allowed.  Only those who are essential staff (riders, trainers, grooms, and ONE parent for junior riders) are allowed on the property.

  • We have a temperature check station at the entrance of the property.  Please allow extra time during peak hours. 

  • You MUST wear a mask at all times when you are on the property, unless you are mounted on a horse.  If you are eating or drinking you must replace your mask as soon as you are done.  Holding a beverage in your hand is not an excuse to keep your mask off for extended periods.

  • We are LIVE STREAMING all events from the Wells Fargo Grand Prix arena and the Equine Insurance Main Hunter Arena- remember to represent Sonoma Horse Park by keeping social distance AND wearing a mask any time you are on site.

  • In addition to staying masked and keeping social distance at all times on site, social media must NOT portray anyone onsite not following the mask and distancing rules.  This could cause the USEF to disqualify the riders in question or potentially not allow the event to run. 

  • Per Sonoma County requirements the VIP area is only accessible through the main entrance on the south end.  There is NO ACCESS to ANYONE at the north end of the VIP.  You may not pass through, you may not enter, and you may not exit from that end.

  • VIP tables are only allowed to have three chairs per USEF rules.  Guests will need to eat and then leave. You may not use the VIP as an area to stay in all day.  Barns will not be allowed to have more then three people at a time at each table they have been assigned.  

  • We will have Social Distancing Monitors throughout the property.  Remember they are here to keep our shows running, treat them kindly.

  •  Please make sure that your grooms find a parking attendant each morning for temperature checks, they are responsible for getting a new wristband daily.

  • Braiders will be receive temp checks by Nightwatch, they are responsible to get their new wristband daily.

  • Trainers- remember you are responsible for everyone that comes on to the showgrounds under your name.  Any staff, riders, clients, or parents must follow all protocols and you will be held responsible if there are any issues.

  • The USEF requires that management disqualifies anyone not following the rules.  There will be no refunds if you are disqualified.

SHP Guidelines and Actions for its Competitions and Facilities to reopen under current Social Distancing and other Federal, State and Local Requirements 

USEF’s Action Plan for Return to Competition will be followed in addition to the SHP guidelines. 


If any guideline is contradicted in either document, or in state/local guidelines, the strictest guideline will be followed. 


HMI Inc. has prepared the following list of Guidelines and Best Practices in preparation for Equestrian events to re-open in the summer of 2020, once Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted and State and Local governments, as well as the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) deem it safe to do so. 

These guidelines have been developed based on research including recommendations from the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and the American Horse Council, as well as meetings with the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and United Stats Hunter/Jumper Association (USHJA). 

We have taken into consideration the size of our properties, and the number of attendees, but have concentrated our efforts and protocol requirements in the areas that will cause the greatest challenges for social distancing - Show Office, Stabling Area and Warm-up areas. 

We believe these guidelines are well within our scope to institute and enforce in these areas during our competitions. We will update these guidelines as needed based on State and Local Government requirements and/or recommendations from other local environmental health and public health agencies. ____________________________________________________________________________ 

The below Guidelines will be in place whenever possible and practicable at all SHP Competitions beginning July 13, 2020. 



  • Social Distancing (6 feet between individuals) will be followed. 

  • All individuals, including SHP Staff and Officials, must wear a mask or face covering when social distancing, except when mounted. SHP will provide face coverings free of charge to all staff. 

  • Full-Color Signage will be posted throughout the grounds regarding Social Distancing, Hand Washing, and other safety guidelines 

  • SHP has a property-wide PA system, and announcements regarding these guidelines will be made throughout the event. 


Facility - Access 

  • Any person with known or suspected symptoms of COVID-19 or who has been exposed to a person with symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, shortness of breath, or fever) should follow self-quarantine protocol or be barred from or removed from the grounds. 

  • SHP will place on each individual a wristband each day indicating that their temperature has been checked and are under the 99.5 temperature threshold. 

  • All SHP Staff (Show Office, Food Service, Jump Crew, Maintenance, Officials) will have their temperature checked upon arrival each day. Any staff member with a temperature of 99.5 or higher will be sent home. 

  • All Individuals entering the showgrounds will have their temperature checked daily, and will not enter the showgrounds if presenting with a temperature of 99.5 of higher. 

  • All Individuals entering the Show Office and VIP if not wearing a wristband will have their temperature taken by a SHP Staff member. Anyone with a temperature of 99.5 will be asked to leave the show grounds. 

  • SHP will set up an area where those staying in RV’s and grooms staying on grounds can have their temperature check and given a wristband. 

  • SHP has developed a Covid Response Plan that will be posted at the show office of each competition and followed in case of any individual presenting with a fever or any other symptom(s) of COVID-19. 


Facility - Sanitation and Bio-Security 

  • Individuals must stay 6 feet apart (Social Distancing) and must not congregate. 

  • SHP will provide hand sanitizing stations throughout the premises. 

  • Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized once per hour, and more often if needed. 

  • All touchpoints and common areas will be cleaned and sanitized every two hours, and more often if necessary. 


Food Service 

  • SHP Foodservice is set up for “Take Away” dining. 

  • Markers indicating 6’ “Social Distance” will be identifiable to all customers in line, and to employees who will maintain such distance whenever practicable. 

  • Seating will be limited. Tables and chairs will be set up to maintain as much distance as possible between tables to maintain Social Distance between groups. Tables, chairs and other surfaces will be sanitized by SHP Staff continuously throughout the day. 

  • A new POS system as well as methods to order online or via text will be instituted to decrease person-to-person contact. 


Daily Competition Schedule 

  • Time schedule will be emailed each evening so exhibitors will know when their classes will be held. 

  • Increase frequency of our online schedule and time updates throughout the day, via website and social media. Visit the “Schedule” at for the most up-to-date information during the shows. 


Schooling / Warm-up Areas 

  • Only two ground persons will be allowed on a warm up jump at any time. 

  • Gloves should be worn by anyone setting jumps. 

  • SHP Staff will institute a plan to clean and disinfect the parts of the jump most often touched, especially the plastic jump-cups. 

  • The Ring Check-in/Order-of-Go system will encourage trainers to prepare all horses for a class at once, so only one jump in the schooling area is used for each trainer group. 

  • Ticketed warm-up rings will be closely monitored to avoid crowding. Cleaning/disinfection of jumps, especially jump cups, will be scheduled regularly. 


Competition Rings 

  • The rings that cannot have separate In-/Out-gates will be separated/sectioned to keep horses entering and leaving the ring at appropriate social distance. 


Stabling Areas - Access 

  • Access to the Stabling Area will be restricted to Essential Personnel - veterinarians, equine caretakers (grooms), trainers and riders. 

  • Non-essential individuals (friends, family members, etc.) should not enter the stabling area. 

  • Trainers should provide an ample quantity of gloves, masks, hand sanitizer and other cleaning/disinfecting products for their staff/customers for use while on premises. 

  • Trainers should monitor temperatures of all staff/customers. 


Stabling Areas – Sanitation / Bio-Security 

  • Encourage Handwashing or Hand Sanitization before entering stabling area. 

  • Individuals should touch only the equipment and supplies necessary for completing tasks of caring for and exercising the specific horse(s). 

  • Do not share equipment between individuals - helmets, grooming supplies, tack, etc. 

  • Keep water buckets and feed buckets/tubs in a fixed position within the stall to ensure feed or water can be provided without touching or removing these items. 

  • Feed/Bedding delivery by SHP Staff will be made with as little contact as possible. 


Recommended Cleaning/Disinfection 

  • According to the CDC, the coronavirus can survive in the air up to three hours, on copper up to four hours, on cardboard up to 24 hours, and on stainless steel and plastic up to 72 hours. 

  • More specifically to barn/stable items, the virus can persist on nonporous materials (leather bridles/saddles/halters, nylon halters/lead ropes, gate latches, door handles, spray nozzles) longer than porous materials (cotton lead ropes, saddle pads). 

  • Clean communal leather tack daily with tack cleaner. 

  • Disinfect stall door handles, gate latches, cross-tie snaps, light switches, feed scoops, hose ends, spray nozzles, pitchforks, wheelbarrows, and other frequently handled surfaces regularly or after contact with personnel. 

  • Although there is no evidence that horses can contract or become ill from COVID-19, practice good hygiene by washing your hands or using at least 60% alcohol hand sanitizer after touching a horse, communal areas, or communal equipment to prevent environmental spread of the virus. 

  • Golf Carts should not be shared, and should be disinfected regularly 


Veterinary Care 

  • Veterinarians are reducing non-essential visits and treatments due to a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment as well as Social Distancing requirements. 

  • Communicate proactively with your veterinarian to prepare for upcoming veterinary needs such as vaccinations, coggins, or other maintenance and treatment procedures. 

  • Communicate proactively with your veterinarian to prepare for potential veterinary emergencies. 

SHP Official Veterinarian on-grounds will be available for any questions. Phone number will be posted in a visible location at the Show Office.